Confixx Can’t locate Confixx/ after Upgrade to Debian Lenny

I received this error message after updating a Confixx Server to Debian Lenny when you try an run the Confixx counter script. This is how to fix the problem:

1. Change into the Confixx Admin directory

cd /root/confixx/admin/CPAN

2. Unpack the updater archive

tar -xzf Updater-1.0.6.tar.gz

3. Change into the directory

cd Updater-1.0.6

4. Then build the updater package

perl Makefile.PL
make install

This lead to a new error:

Can't locate XML/

5. To get rid of these errors you need to install the following packages;

aptitude install libxml-dom-perl libproc-process-perl

Thats it you should be able to run you Confixx Counter script again give it a try:

/root/confixx/ --dbg --force-all

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