Confixx + Postfix+ IMAP + Maildir

This howto describes howto get rid of the horrible mboxes for mail which confixx uses by default. Converting all your mailboxes to the maildir format also allows you to use imap. Please make backups of your confixx installation before you begin with this howto you have been warned:

1. Edit your confixx main.conf

vi /root/confixx/confixx_main.conf

When your finished this is what it should look like:

$maildrop = ‘HOMEDIR/Maildir/’;
$mailBoxName = ‘Maildir’;
$pop_homeDir = ‘/var/mail’; //specify folder where you want maildirs to be stored. the folder must exist
$mail_realHome = ’1?;

2. Edit your postfix

vi /etc/postfix/

And add the following line:

home_mailbox = Maildir/

3. Edit your procmailrc

vi /etc/procmailrc

And add the following line:


4. Run the confixx counterscript

/root/confixx/ –fa -dbg

5. Convert existing Mboxes to Maildir. Confixx provides a script for doing this. Run the script and make sure to answer all the questions. Or except the defaults which should be ok.


6. If you are using qpopper uninstall it and install courier pop and imap if you need imap. This is for debian and ubuntu:

aptitude purge openbsd-inetd qpopper
aptitude install courier-pop
aptitude install courier-imap

Thats it check you log files send a test mail and enjoy.

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