Howto migrate a confixx server

You can perform a complete backup or a restore of all confixx data with the confixx scripts and transfer them to a new server.

Important you need the same confixx version on both servers otherwise the restore is guaranteed to fail due to different tables in mysql

1. Start the backup on your source server. This command will create the backup files they will be automatically split into 2GB files.

# ./ –dump migration.tgz -dbg

2. Transfer the backed up files to the target server with scp use the following command (please change the IP to your target server) make sure you have enough space on the /root partition or change the path

# scp migration.tgz.a* root@

3. Start the restore process and create the map file. Warning only use -–clean on a fresh install otherwise you will delete you database and your webs. Issue the following command

# ./ –mapping –dump migration.tgz –map restore.txt –clean –debug

4. Edit the file restore.txt and make you changes check the following link

5. Now you can start the restore

# ./ –restore –dump migration.tgz –map restore.txt –clean –debug

For further information please check the following links to the swsoft knowledge database

PS: you must register confixx with a valid key before you can begin the restore

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