converting vmware linux virtual machine to citrix xenserver virtual machine

1. Install quemu on the vmware Server or another Linux machine

2. Uninstall vmware modules on the vmware guest you wish to convert

3. Stop the vmware guest

4. Convert the image file qemu-img convert Linux_2.6.x_kernel-flat.vmdk -O raw Debian.img

5. Copy the image file to the xen server with scp or ftp or to an attached storage server if you have one. Your storage uuid will be different: scp Debian.img

6. Create a guest with at least the same disk size and amount of RAM as the imported vmware virtual disk. Rename the disk under properties so you can locate it later.
You may need to boot the guest with an ISO image to get it to work

7. Open a console or connect to the xen server with ssh and find the disk copy the uuid of the host: xe vdi-list or with: xe vdi-list name-label=your_disk_name

8. Import the image with: xe vdi-import uuid=652cc56f-4251-44d0-8f07-dcf219edf15a filename=Debian.img

9. Fire up your converted xen image. You may have to modify the grub boot loader vmware uses /dev/sda for it’s HD and xen uses /dev/hda.

10. If you machine does not boot press e at the grub prompt an search for root=/dev/sda1 line and change it to root=/dev/hda1 please change this in you grub.conf once the machine has booted and save your changes

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