Change your IP in Plesk

Changing you IP in Plesk is a lot easier than in confixx. Swsoft provides a script for doing this.

The utility is available in the $PRODUCT_ROOT/bin directory. Normally something like /usr/local/psa/bin

The script is called

The new IP addresse must NOT exist in Server > IP Addresses list in Plesk control panel before replacement, they may be added on system level only. If IP addresses do not exist in the system, the utility will add new IPs to the system as well. I recommend not to add the IP address prior to running the script because the script takes care of this for you.

First, you have to run the command to create a template file. Then, edit the file to set an appropriate IP mapping and run the command once again.

The map file will contain the list of your current IP addresses.

You’ll need to edit the file with the new IP address (please, note that the new IP comes on the right hand side of the arrow):

eth0:your_old_ip -> eth0:your_new_ip_address

For example:

1. $PRODUCT_ROOT/bin/ ip_map.txt
2. Modify ip_map.txt file
3. $PRODUCT_ROOT/bin/ ip_map.txt

1 thought on “Change your IP in Plesk

  1. yavuz

    I found your article in the internet hopefully to solve my problem.

    I can not change or delete an IP adres over my Plesk control panel.

    I just need to modify on of my IP’s subnetz to but there isn’t any option to do that.

    Is there any way to do that manually ?


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