confixx ip change

First configure your network device with you new IP. If you want to keep everything working consider using eth0:1 or iproute2 to configure additional IP’s. Then login to the confixx webinterface click on settings standard domain and change your IP address to the new one. Confixx will start working in the background and change your apache and postfix settings to reflect the new IP. However confixx forgets a few essential things.

1. The IP address for the confixx webinterface

2. The confixx_mhost.conf

Make sure you have you Mysql root login handy. Log in to Mysql with your root password.

mysql -u root -p

use confixx;

UPDATE `admin` SET `confixx_ip` = '' WHERE `confixx_ip` = '84.110.x.old' ;

That’s it please make sure to backup your confixx database before you preform these steps.

Then the confixx_mhost.conf normally under


or /etc/httpd/conf/confixx_mhost.conf

open the file with vi confixx_mhost.conf

and use the search and replace function in vi


That’s it you should have a running confixx with your new IP. Important before you preform these steps don’t forget to send DNS updates for all you Domains. Otherwise you will be left disconnected domains.

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